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Precise Living Program

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Precise Living Programs

  • Corporate Training

    Every month
    Perfect for all fitness levels. Offered to other businesses or separate entities
    • strength training 1x weekly on Saturdays 8-9am
  • Genetic Elite Gym WOC

    Every month
    Workout Classes
    • Access to 16 Muscle Building Workout Classes. Duration 1 hr
    • Class Times: Tuesday(7pm), Thursday(7pm), Saturday(8am,9am)
    • Free Access to Precise Movement Coaching Courses
  • PulseFit Event

    Fun Aerobic Class
    Valid for 7 days
    • 1 Hour Dance Class
    • Incorporates Basic Body Mechanics in a Fun Way
    • Benefits: Improve Muscle Endurance and Cardiac Health
  • Genetic Elite Body Recomp Class

    Every month
    Designed for individuals looking to build muscle and strength
    • 8 training sessions (2x per week)
    • 24 Hour Coaching Access
    • Nutrition Planning
    • Muscle Building and Fat Loss Phasing
    • Free Monthly Coaching Classes
    • Free Weekly Group Training
    • 50% Referral Discount
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